iPhone Case Natural Minerals

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iPhone Case Golden WoodiPhone Case Golden Wood
€23,99 €29,90
iPhone Case Silver WoodiPhone Case Silver Wood
€23,99 €29,90
iPhone Case White NacreiPhone Case White Nacre
€23,99 €29,90
Color Transparent 
Case Material  Non-slip Silicone
Case Thickness 1.5mm
Long Chain

1.15 - 1.20m

This Kalk Limited Edition iPhone Case Natural Minerals  is the perfect accessory to keep your hands free, making sure in the most comfortable way that your phone is always with you. It is made of non-slip transparent silicone, and as a detail it has the Kalk Å logo in white. The case is 1.5mm thick, which makes it super light and perfectly adaptable to your phone. Its chain measures between 1.15 and 1.20m, and is handcrafted from natural minerals in white and earth tones, making it an authentic and exclusive Kalk jewel. Without a doubt, it is a piece that will bring precious highlights to your look every time you wear it. Enjoy the new method: Fashionable free hands!

*For the iPhone XR model, the iPhone 11 case is sent, with this model's camera size.

Ref. KLAFUN1009-0116-678

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